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Who decides

what to think about life?

Our past has shaped us all, whether we like it or not. What you have not learned in the past, you cannot know now. Usually that is not such a problem, because people are resourceful and creative. But sometimes you bounce against your limits, or your lack of boundaries. Is that then to you, or to the world in which you live? I have ... no answer, but I can look for your truth with you. And when you have found your truth, or determined what is true to you, can you live it?

When feeling and thinking are not aligned, many people try to hold on to what they think. Until they get stuck. Then all the surpressed feelings come marching in fully. One solution to that is to have a drink or something stronger. Another one to take a careful look at what you actually walk away from, what you actually find so fearful. You don't have to take those steps alone. I'm there for and with you along the way. You'll learn to determine what you do and do not want throughout the entire process.

People often put themselves under pressure enough, I don't have to that for anybody. It's more the other way around, I'll guide you in learning how to make it easier on yourself. If you want of course, because you decide. Nothing has to go away, nothing has to be fixed or resolved. That might sound weird to you, because sometimes it realy seems the only way to go. But I promise you, acceptance, compassion and relaxation are the key words to a better life.

Does that happen naturally? No, usually not. It's a process. And sometimes you may think that it will never end. But don't despair. If you finally have the guts to look at yourself in the mirror, just the way you are, than the way to happiness is way easier than you ever thought. Promised. Don't worry if you are not able to feel your body and/or emotions. When you were born, you were perfectly able to feel. So I see that as the natural state. It will come back automatically, if it becomes clear what happened that you left that natural state. When it becomes clear what is in your way to be yourself.


Attachment or authenticity, we still make that choice regularly. Often unconsciously, as an automatic response though. Often, we used to have no choice. As a 3-year old you simply cannot go live anywhere else if the world around you did not feel right or was not good for you. Nobody is ... to blame for that, after all most parents do their best. And in addition they probably have not learned anything else either. But if you now suffer from the automatic responses, your thinking patterns, your survival styles, then of course you can go and try to change the world around you. I tried that and it is not advisable.

Another option is to see what actually happens in yourself. Just curiously, not judging right away. With a curious attitude you can go a long way. Then you notice in the long run that you are not as bad as you secretly think you are. And perhaps this realization will bring you to other choices. Or to a different experience. People see the world often from the unconscious glasses that they have on. To have a better view, you need to look what glasses you are wearing.