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Spiritual care

the presence model

Who are you, have you ever thought about that? Did you formulate an answer? And did you like that answer? It is the most complicated question we often ignore. But sometimes something has happened that makes you worry or philosophize about it. That in turn depends on your perception, or how you look at it. Why do things actually happen the way they do? Why are they the way they are? You can suffer quite a bit from those questions. And don't think I have an answer for you. Of course I have often thought about it too. Yet it sometimes helps to be able to air your heart. Or to reflect, to spar or have a clear mirror.

I am available to talk to you in confidence about what you is going on for you. It doesn't really matter how I feel about life, although I am happy to tell you if you want to know. The point is that you come to terms with yourself. Or with life. Or maybe you have even a bone to pick with God. You can talk to me about that too. The conversations are in confidence. Allthough God might be secretly eardropping, I cannot prevent that. That was a joke of course. But if you do believe in God or not, to me it is all good. In any case, you are able to explore the deeper questions of life during a spiritual counseling consultation.


Why are bananas crooked? Why do we live on this globe? Why don't we notice that we are going very fast flying the space? Why are we dying? Why do 4% of people have 80% of all bad luck? Why are fire trucks red? Why are some people so unkind? Why do people separate? Why don't you see the stars during the day? Why do I feel so lonely? Why do we need to put sunscreen on? Why don't we know where we come from? Why do we have to go to school? Or to work? Why have we polluted the world? Why do we drink too much and feel horrible in the morning? Why can't we read thoughts? Why are we here? Why are all those questions here?