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Living instead of surviving

Living instead of surviving
Living instead of surviving

Finding yourself (back)

so you can continue

Whether you used to be happy or not, fact is that you probably are not right now. Otherwise you probably wouldn't be looking at this site. Most likely you would be doing nicer things besides searching the internet for help. Whether or not you have come to the right place, I cannot tell you just yet. What I do know is that I am not going to solve your problems for you. Bad news, I understand. But what I can do is explore with you what gets in the way of being happy. We will explore together what ... you like support for.

As you can tell from reading my site, I am both straight forward and compassionate. Working like this allows us to go straight to the sore spot, in a way that helps you. I have been trained to ask questions that will help you to explore what is your own truth. Idealy, you have an idea about who you are and what works for you or not. In that case, a few meetings are generally sufficient to get you back on your feet. But let's suppose you don't have a clue who you are or what you want. Or maybe your life is full of drama. Been there, done that. So I won't judge you. Your problems might exist for a while and be past the expiration date. Also then, contact me and we will discuss, without guarantees, as to how many sessions would be helpful.

I have been trained to hold the things you find difficult. In the long run, you'll learn to hold them yourself. For some this goes fast, for others slow. But whether you have a burnout, are depressed, suffer from early childhood trauma (also known as cptss with a difficult abbreviation), or maybe you are addicted to something; I don't mind. It's all alright because you are willing to work on yourself.

And that doesn't have to be as heavy as it sounds. We are allowed to use humor along the way. Actually it is fairly simple. When you are your natural self again, when you can live according to your blueprint, when you stay authentic during any circumstances, you are happy. I garantee, on paper if necessary. Trick is to find yourself (again). Or for others, not to get in the way of yourself. If you are still reading this and became curious, contact me and let's see if we can contribute to each other. In any case, enjoy your life.

About me

Life starts at 40, they say. For me it started a little later. Let's say I am a well-experienced expert. That simply means that I went through a lot. And to be able to deal with that, I have studied and trained a lot in (early childhood) trauma. Before that I studied Spiritual Care at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. But all those papers ...mean not much when it comes to being a good therapist. For that you must be able to listen, ask the right questions, and be able to properly notice what is happening with someone. And I can. I learned that in all sorts of ways during my life. And that will help you learn to deal with your unconfortable stuff. Characterwise, I am calm and I know how to create a safe environment easily.